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I had some problems due to steroids use, which completely messed me up. I went to a new psychiatrist and he told me to come back after a week. I am feeling mainly anxious and nervous and also a bit depressed. Thanx Do you take lexapro with trazodone or lexapro alone? Any feedback appreciated I have used Trazodone as a sleep aid for many many years, and over the years I have also taken several different SSRI and SRNI antidepressants along with the Trazodone.

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I also take socian and olcadil (cloxazolam), but I am not feeling too well. Maybe I should keep the trazodone, since it helps me to sleep and add lexapro.

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I've had periods of insomnia for most of my life, they worsen when I am anxious/depressed.

Addition of trazodone to sertraline a probable synergistic action in a.

Trazodone is used to treat depression and to treat the combination of symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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